Our Family

The Decordi Winery was established in 1921 as a family-run tavern, where the traditional wines and foods of the Cremonese lower-padana Region were served. In those days, the area had a strong viticultural inclination and, in the original winery, Quirico Decordi Senior was producing kegs of local red wines, including Fortana, Ancelotta & Lambrusco.
These were the ideal companions to the traditional gastronomy, and were greatly appreciated with every serving.
This success inspired the Decordi family to take a greater interest in wine-making, to the point that the founders, in addition to continuing with the wine-blending process, also began an artisan wine-production business, which included the cultivation of local grapes and the sale of both draft and bottled wines.
In 1937, the Decordi Winery was registered at the Cremona Chamber of Commerce.
In 1950, the first significant production facility was built, with a capacity of more than 3.000.000 litres. The vast majority of the product was sold in demijohns and large bottles.
The company was growing day by day and it soon moved on from inter-municipal business, to sales in neighbouring
provinces, including both Lombardy and Emilia Romagna.
In 1964, the production facility was enlarged & equipped with its first automated industrial bottling system.

In 1973, Quirico Decordi Junior, who was driven by an oenological passion, entered the company and created a new range of prestigious wines, which were considered to be top-quality products for the restaurant industry.
In order to face the increasing demand, he invested in technology and furnished the company with a new, sterile, automated bottling system, which was, and still is, considered to be the best filler-system available.
During those years, a new culture was spreading throughout the country: new clubs and restaurants were springing up alongside the traditional taverns, offering various gastronomic specialties and seeking out exceptional wines.
During the 1980’s, the company began exporting to Europe and America and began making its first
shipments to Japan in the 1990’s.
In 2005, the fourth generation entered the company, with the arrival of Alessandro Decordi, son of Quirico Decordi. The company is now ready to take on new challenges and greater production capacities and, with the inauguration of its new facility, has now opened its doors to many of the world’s new emerging economies.

Production Control

Those who have seen it in action can confirm that the plant used at the Motta Baluffi factory is as imposing
as it is efficient and precise. The entire production process is automated: from the entrance of a pallet of empty bottles to the release of the finished and packed product, properly stacked on pallets and ready for shipment or storage. Nothing gets by the double-checking process, which is initially carried out by the machinery itself, and subsequently by our specialized technicians. Every part of the production process is under strict control and is completely traceable. The Decordi Winery has equipped its Motta Baluffi’s facility with a highly-innovative, sterile bottling line, which is dedicated to ensuring the quality, hygiene and safety of the final product.
The wine is subjected to a micro-filtration process, which guarantees maximum hygiene without altering the flavour of the wine. The automatic checks that are carried out by the production-line machinery are subsequently verified by the company’s specialized technicians, who perform additional random checks upon the final product.

Quality and Excellence

Like the Decordi Family, those who have a long tradition of winemaking experience know that the difference is in the quality of the product. The Decordi Winery has always been aware of the market conditions, and has always strived to make the most of innovations, in order to quickly adapt them to the demands of the market. In almost 100 years of business, research and investments, the company has earned its name and credibility through two main factors: the first is the product, the wine; the second is a series of features that provide for a product of exceptional quality. A skillful selection of grapes and wines, the detailed traceability of each stage of production, the constant dedication to absolute quality throughout the entire bottling process: all of this is incorporated into the Decordi brand name, a brand that comes from afar and has been writing the history of Italian world-wide for nearly a century, always ensuring the maximum quality and excellence of the final product.

The Decordi Winery offers 6 different product lines, which are capable of satisfying every market segment, and this is the reason why Decordi lines are renowned on the international market. The grape varieties employed cover nearly every product that the Italian wine market has to offer, this thanks to the wise ability of the Decordi Family of endowing its production with exceptional flexibility, capable of producing specific products ranges dedicated to specific market and distribution chains.
Today the Decordi Winery has become consolidated ambassador of Italian wine for Japan, Russia, North and South America, and is proud to hold the distinction of being the exclusive Italian representative for a large numbers of importers.


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