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La Vigna del Nespolo is the brainchild of Luisa Bortolomiol and is an expression of her heart-felt enthusiasm, deep personal convictions and desire to carry on her family tradition in the production of sparkling wine, a tradition started by her father Giuliano in 1946.

Luisa is deeply connected to her father’s legacy and has inherited his ability to innovate. From this comes a new vision for Prosecco production based on her respect for her land and desire to safeguard it into the future. A vision that has as its guiding principle respect for the environment, for a viticulture from a more natural time when pesticides and chemical fertilisers were not used and when the grapes were filled with the genuine flavours of the earth without contamination.

This is no easy task with no guarantee of success and in order to maintain the organic certification of both the grapes and wine, a great many agronomic and administrative hurdles must be overcome.

In 2015, Luisa purchased a hectare and a half of family vineyard in the heart of the traditional home of Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Docg which had already been used for the production of organic grapes for some years.
Luisa decided to take over production personally, starting from the land. She oversees the work in the vineyards and follows the process right through to production and bottling. The idea is to make a pure Valdobbiadene Docg from grapes originating exclusively from Valdobbiadene and obtained solely from the Nespolo vineyard.


She is assisted in this undertaking by Filippo Taglietti, an agronomist with a solid and proven track record, who says this about the project:
“The basic idea of the project can be summed up in a concept that emphasises the essence of life and the harmony of all living beings. A natural law, a kind of return – the faithful return to the land of all the vegetable, animal and human waste available. This idea, upon which the management and cultivation of the grapes is based, is seen in the way we depend on the plants, the plants depend on the soil, and the soil depends on us.”.



Located at 45.8875148 latitude north and 11.9888279 longitude east, the vineyard is a small plot in the municipality of Valdobbiadene, situated on an ancient terrace of the river Piave, at the foot of the village of Il Ponteggio. This position, together with the formation of the terrain, consisting of a limestone base mixed with alluvial soils, have over time built a dark, very organic soil with good structure. This, together with ideal temperatures and the deep roots of these old vines means that the Vigna del Nespolo provides grapes with great crispness and an aromatic freshness.


In ancient times, every country house had at least one medlar tree in its courtyard because it was believed that they kept witches away and brought good luck. Peasants also used the tree to mark the passing of the seasons, because the medlar was the first to bloom and the last fruit to ripen, and a good flowering was considered to be a good omen of a rich and abundant harvest. Medlars are roundish, rust-brown in colour, and have a strongly acid taste. The fruits are not eaten straight from the tree, but become edible only after the sour pulp, rich in tannin, becomes brown, soft and sugary. The fruit must be left to mature in a dry place, traditionally on straw, and away from other fruits that give off ethylene, such as apples.


La Vigna del Nespolo is a pure Organic Docg Prosecco. Its grapes come from a single vineyard. The production is well within the limits set out in the current Standards and is calibrated according to the type of vintage and the qualitative characteristics that the Standard requires, favouring the best bunches that can guarantee the finest organoleptic structure. The grapes are harvested by hand and to this day harvesting is conducted by friends and relatives in a festive atmosphere, just as in times gone by.

Organic Certificate from the Ente Suolo e Salute s.r.l. operator no.41629

La Vigna del Nespolo is a certified Vegan wine. During vinification and the sparkling winemaking method no animal products are used and therefore this wine is suitable for vegans who wish to enjoy the pleasure of a glass of sparkling wine and stay true to their beliefs.

Unique in its kind, this wine has a rich bouquet of primary notes combined with the aromatic freshness of spring and a spicy fragrance of wild herbs. The sensations in the glass are reminiscent of the typical aromas of the Glera vine:
acacia flowers, Golden Delicious apples and peaches. In the mouth it has a delicate elegance balanced by marked minerality.
With its strong yet delicate character, this wine is enviably crisp and fresh.

The name of the wine La Vigna del Nespolo (Vineyard of the Medlar Tree) derives from the local dialect name of the vineyard Nespoler, a name given to it as numerous medlar trees can be found in the surrounding area.

Production is limited:
From the 2016 harvest only 2,000 bottles were produced.
From the 2017 harvest 7,000 bottles were produced, of which 3,500 bottles of Valdobbiadene Docg organic Extra Dry and 3,500 Valdobbiadene Docg organic Brut

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