Asolo prosecco superiore DOCG, Montello Rosso Docg, red, rosé and still white wines, accompanied by appetizers made with homemade sausages.


Like every detail of the agriturismo, we choose local products and km 0 of the Venetian tradition.


For your moments of relaxation and to enjoy nature, in the company of a good wine.


We have the ability to accommodate dogs or cats and we make available to our 4-legged friends bowls in every room and lots of love and attention!

Welcome to the land of Asolo Prosecco Superiore Docg!

Our farm is located at the foot of the Asolo Hills, 500 metres from the famous Barbaro-Volpi Palladian villa and we offer hospitality with a Bed & Breakfast formula in a comfortable environment with rustic-style rooms. If you are looking for a vacation between the art and the green of the Treviso and Veneto, or if you are a professional who has to stay overnight on business in our area, our family will welcome and let you feel at ease! We advise you to visit us also for a weekend of health and well-being, there are countless opportunities near our farm: walks on the hill paths, food and wine tours, restaurants and trattorias with typical Venetian cuisine.


Our farm has been making its own wine for many years, mainly Prosecco, but also red and rosé wines. For us, making wine is not just art and passion, but it is also the joy of sharing a good glass and enjoying a pleasant chat with friends.
As of the 2010 harvest we are rolling out the new Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG.
We are members of the Asolo Montello wine consortium whose objective is the enhancement and protection of local wines, the territorial image, biodiversity and the denomination of origin. Until the 1950s, our territory’s was synonymous with quality and it was at the centre of Venetians’ choices. Thanks to the Consortium’s activities and the commitment of its producers, since 1985 this record that was temporarily lost due to greater development and attention to the industrial sector at the expense of the agricultural sector has been reinstated. To date, our wine is known internationally and in recent years it has obtained the precious DOCG recognition together with Montello Rosso, and in addition to traditional vines such as Bianchetta Trevigiana, Manzoni Bianco, Recantina, Carmenère that have obtained DOC recognition. In addition to wine, other typical products include beans, peas, potatoes, apples, cherries, radicchio, white PDO asparagus and olive oil from Maser that enjoys excellent quality.



We care about the environment and we have a profound respect for it! The entire structure has been converted with an eco-sustainable perspective, including the construction of solar panels and a photo-voltaic system. In addition to focusing on organic farming, we choose quality food from local or zero-mile producers, and we have a special focus on the separate collection of waste.

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