FOFFANI – Pinot Grigio Superiore DOC Friuli Aquileia

FOFFANI – Pinot Grigio Superiore DOC Friuli Aquileia

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FOFFANI Pinot Grigio 2018 Superiore DOC Friuli Aquileia


Our Pinot Grigio is a medium-bodied superior Pinot Grigio, definitely outstanding. It is characterized by a complex fine bouquet of fresh fragrances (citrus fruits, acacia flowers, figs and hay) combined with secondary perfumes (mature apple and bread crust) generated during fermentation.

Its yellow color contains reflections of straw; the harmonic and sophisticated body remains soft, with well balanced acidity.


– Important wine, elegant, versatile, international
Organoleptic examination
– Color: straw yellow
– Nose: fruity with primitive citrus aromas, bread crust, ripe apple
– Palate: medium body, well structured, dry, well balanced acidity, harmonious
– DOC Friuli Aquileia
– SQNPI certification
Service temperature
– 8 ° C
750 ML bottle of transparent glass
– Dry first courses and soups
– White meats, fish, young cheeses


– Alcohol content : 13% by vol
– 86 points Luca Maroni


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